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Meet Us

Hi! We are Tayla & Hailey. We’re sisters who grew up on a ranch in Southeast Idaho where we spent countless hours in the saddle breaking/training horses. Tayla has 2 little boys and Hailey has one little girl. They are best friends just like their mamas.

Throughout the years we encountered several different situations where we’ve needed Equine medical supplies or other preparedness equipment that one may not normally have on hand. The market was lacking, so we started making our own kits to take with us whether it was in the truck, trailer, saddle, or backpack.

This is when Sage Haven Co. was born.

We decided to venture out to help others become more prepared while keeping our costs as low as we can and educate you along the way.

We’ve carefully curated these kits and have taken the time to make sure you have all of the quality supplies you might need. These products, crafted with love and late-night dreams, carry a piece of our souls. They’re not just items; they’re a piece of our family’s heart.