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Polo Wraps


The perfect fit ensures comfortable wearing: These polo wraps are soft fleece leg bandages that provide the best leg support in high-level performances such as competitions or strenuous exercise. They are easy to apply around difficult-to-tighten contours while maintaining blood circulation and Free movement of the legs, soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Reliable Velcro Self-Adhesive Tape: The leg wrap features a robust and user-friendly Velcro closure with strong self-adhesiveness, offering protection to your horse’s sensitive tendons and ligaments from dust and debris, reducing the risk of infections and abrasions. It ensures a snug and even wrap, effectively lowering the legs, and firmly securing the bandage in place.
  • Lightweight and Breathable Design: Crafted from lightweight and soft wool material, this leg wrap maintains its shape while providing warmth and protection. The breathable fabric is gentle on the skin and prevents heat buildup, promoting a better healing environment.
  • Effortless Cleaning and Secure Storage: Our horse polo leg wraps made from soft fleece are machine washable using cold water and gentle cycles (avoid drying). They can be easily rewound and stored in a transparent plastic carrying bag, facilitating convenient transport, safe storage, and efficient organization.

Dimensions: 9’ Long x 4.5” Wide

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