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Trailer Kit


Our Deluxe Trailer Kit is the ultimate product that will have you covered in any situation. This kit includes our Trail Kit, Survival Kit, a full-size bottle of Veterycin, Wonder Dust, Iodine, Polo Wraps and more. This kit is great to keep in your trailer, tack room or barn. We have carefully crafted this product to give you peace of mind in any emergency situation.

Trailer Kit: 16 oz Veterycin, 4oz Wonder Dust, 16 oz Iodine, (4) 9′ x 4.5″ Polo Wraps, (1) Cotton Pad, (1) Microfiber Cloth, Stethoscope, Trail Kit, Survival Kit and our How to Pamphlet.

Trail Kit: 3 oz Veterycin, 4 oz Hydrogen Peroxide, Duct Tape, First Aid Kit, Suture Kit, (2)Sutures, (5) Scalpels (2) Needles, Flashlight, Hoof Pick, Matches, Scissors, (2) Gauze, (2) Vet Wrap, Paracord Bracelet, 10ml & 20 ml Syringes, How to Pamphlet.

Survival Kit: Emergency Shelter, (2) Rain Ponchos, First Aid Kit, Multi-Tool, Gloves, Extendable Shovel / Ice Pick, Paracord, (2) Carabiners, Flashlight, Matches and Compass

* Free shipping is not available for this product unless the order exceeds $300.

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